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Purdue Center for
Regional Development

Scott Hutcheson

Senior Associate

Tyler Wright

Scott Hutcheson is a senior associate for the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD), joining the staff in 2005. He helps support the school’s economic development efforts in his current position and works closely with local, regional, state and federal partners in in the areas of economic development strategy, innovation and collaborative leadership. He has worked in community and economic development since 1992.

Throughout his career, Scott has worked with over 300 local and regional communities in over 30 states and internationally with economic development professionals, higher education administrators and other stakeholders. At the federal level, Scott has extensive experience working with the Economic Development Administration, Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, USDA Rural Development and the White House. Prior to his work with Purdue, Scott held corporate and philanthropic leadership positions with American Airlines and United Way. He has a B.A. in communication, a M.P.A and Ph.D. in public policy. Scott is also a long-time faculty member of the University of Oklahoma Economic Development Institute.