PODCAST: Economic Development Q&A EP1

Posted by Scott Hutcheson on September 10, 2014, in Economic Development.

Strategy. It’s a word often used but not always well understood and the way strategies are developed and executed has changed drastically from the command-and-control environments of the military and the large vertically integrated businesses that introduced the notion of strategic planning. In this podcast we talk with PCRD’s Ed Morrison about strategy and specifically concerning what he’s learned about creating and guiding strategies for economic growth in communities and regions. He discusses his early days as a corporate strategist and how he shifted his focus to help entire communities grow, places like Oklahoma City and Ascension Parish, Louisiana. This podcast runs just about an hour and is perfect to listen to in the car while on a commute. This is the first in an upcoming series of Economic Development Questions & Answers at Purdue (EDQ&A@Purdue) podcasts and you can subscribe on iTunes to have them delivered to your device as they are released.

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