Pulaski County - Building a Strong HCI Team

Posted by Jennifer Helfrich on March 17, 2015, in HCI.

The Pulaski County Hometown Collaboration Initiative (HCI) team held their first Foundation session on March 9 at Tippy's in Winamac, graciously hosted by owners David and Nora Schambers. (Yes, there was delicious pizza!) HCI Instructor, Tamara Ogle, led activities to assist the already-diverse group to think about what sectors and groups in the community might be missing from the table.

The group identified interest in reaching out more to youth/teens, seniors, and representatives from the agricultural sector in order to strengthen their team. The group is also sensitive to challenges in the county of crossing the "east-west divide." To help bridge this social-geographic barrier, there are team members from both sides of the divide, and meetings will be held in various locations throughout the county.

Next on tap for the Pulaski HCI Team is launching a community survey and hosting a community forum. The HCI coordinating team will dig into data and current county plans at its next meeting on March 30 at the United Methodist Church in Winamac.