PCRD and MFRI Report on the State of Military and Veteran Families in the United States

Posted by Bo Beaulieu on May 18, 2018, in PCRD.

On May 14, Measuring Communities, a joint partnership between the Purdue Military Families Research Institute (MFRI) and the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD), hosted the workshop “Measuring Communities: The State of Military and Veteran Families in the United States.” The workshop was designed to provide insight on topics and trends around data for military and veteran families. The event started with a welcome, followed by a presentation of findings showcased in the Measuring Communities report.

The report captured a portion of the 10 data domains that have been developed on military and veteran families, specifically, demographics, education, housing, employment, and behavioral health.  Each topic showcased in the report includes sections on “what we know,” and a “call to action”  --  information that provides communities with valuable insights on how they might tackle the issues noted from the data.

PCRD Director Bo Beaulieu was part of a five-person panel discussing the potential impact and value of the Measuring Communities data platform.  The workshop ended with a reception, where participants could interact with the speakers and panelists and further discuss the data presented.

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