Examine Your Region’s Economic Resilience

Regional Economic Resilience examines and explores the capacity of the regions to absorb and recover from economic shocks. This economic resilience project, funded by the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA), has engaged and provided technical assistance to two regional planning organizations in Indiana.

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The Data Dashboards

The data dashboards for economic resilience contain the ArcGIS Hub landing page and individual data dashboards for major components, which include labor characteristics, financial capital, social and political capital, human capital, built environment and infrastructure, and the outcome variable. The dashboards are developed for the partner regions, NIRPC and SIRPC.

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The What If... Tool

The “What If?” tool is based on results from the research on economic resilience that uncovered the influence (weight) an observed variable had on the economic resilience of the region. The research identified the associations between observed variables and economic resilience and the tool has used those associations to assist in developing scenarios. What would happen to economic resilience if you change an observed variable in transportation? It can be used as a decision support tool.

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Learn about the purpose, goals and features the Regional Economic Resilience project has to offer you and your community.

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