Housing Data

Fiscal Data

Socio-economic Data

Physical Characteristics

Information containing the physical attributes of a home as well as the median construction dates for housing units can be located in this section. Below you will be able to see the breakdown on how the variables are formatted, either within the map or in tables.

Map variables
Year structure built, median year structure built, and median year structure built by tenure.

Table variables
Rooms, year structure built and units in structure.

Physical Characteristics

Rooms (2016)

Housing Units Percentage Housing Units Percentage
1 room1141%00%
2 rooms1361%00%
3 rooms8166%00%
4 rooms1,65713%00%
5 rooms2,27017%00%
6 rooms2,38618%00%
7 rooms1,95715%00%
8 rooms1,74913%00%
9 or more rooms2,01415%00%