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The health status of a county’s population, coupled with the mix of health-related resources available to residents, are of increasing importance to individuals and businesses that wish to stay or move to communities in the state. This site provides information on health access, infant/child mortality rates, births to teenage mothers, and data on such timely topics as obesity, smoking and drug-related behaviors.

Map variables
Health professional shortage areas, child & infant mortally, teen births, drug overdose details, adult smoking, adult obesity, adult disability, deaths from drug poisoning (age adjusted rates), death from drug poisoning involving any opioid, deaths from drug poisoning involving pain reliever, non-fatal emergency department visits due to any opioid overdose, non-fatal hospitalizations involving opioids and naloxone providers.

Table variables
Child & infant mortality, death from drugs-opioids, non-fatal opioid use, adult disabilities, adult obesity and adult smoking.

Health Data

Death From Drugs-Opioids (2016)

Rate Count Rate Count
Deaths from Drug Poisoning (Age Adjusted Rates)03
Deaths from Drug Poisoning (Crude Rates)03
Deaths From Drug Poisoning Involving Any Opioid00
Deaths from Drug Poisoning Involving Any Opioid Pain Reliever00