Adams County County
Total Per Person Percentile Total Per Person Percentile
Urban/Mixed/Rural (Defining Rural Indiana)Mixed
Population 35,232
Fiscal Measures
Total Local Government Appropriations$80,538,611 $2,286 10-25%
Net Property Tax Revenue (after credits)$28,233,404 $801 25-50%
Average Property Tax Rate (net after all credits) $1.88 50-75%
Share of Tax Cap Credits in Property Tax Revenue 2.9%25-50%
Local Income Tax Revenue$10,973,957 $311 50-75%
Local Income Tax Rate 1.62%50-75%
Revenue Capacity Index 2,27250-75%
Taxable Assessed Value$1,505,618,432 $42,734 10-25%
Taxable Income$675,736,268 $19,180 25-50%
State Formula School Aid$27,152,700 $771 25-50%
State Formula Road AidN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Services Cost Index 2,12925-50%
Population in Cities and Towns (Total and pct of Pop)15,82444.9%0-10%
School Enrollment (Total and pct of Pop)4,25712.1%25-50%
Road Miles (Total and per 1,000 people)777220-10%
Capacity Cost Index 14325-50%