Housing Data

Fiscal Data

Socio-economic Data


Information is available on overall population and its composition in terms of age, gender, race and ethnicity. Estimates of the growth/decline of the population by the year 2020 are available, as well. Additionally, data are provided on the educational status of adults 25 years of age and above.

Industry, Occupation & Labor Market

The site showcases data on the industry and occupational profile of the county, the number of people of working age in the labor force, the rate of unemployment, and the number of people living in poverty.

Health [Map]

The health status of a county’s population, coupled with the mix of health-related resources available to residents, are of increasing importance to individuals and businesses that wish to stay or move to communities in the state. This site provides information on health access, infant/child mortality rates, births to teenage mothers, and data on such timely topics as obesity, smoking and drug-related behaviors.

Cultural/Environmental Amenities [Map]

While access to quality jobs has tended to serve as a magnet for attracting talent to a county, what research has shown is that educated and skilled workers are also looking for places that offer a variety of historical, cultural and natural resource amenities. A good collection of information of amenities on a county basis are highlighted in this section of the Rural Indiana Stats site.