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The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) launched the Regional Economic Acceleration & Development Initiative (READI) in 2021 awarding $500 million to 17 regions across the state encompassing all 92 counties. More than 330 projects have been approved across focus areas and goals such as but not limited to quality of life, opportunity and place, family support initiatives, and infrastructure for jobs, etc.

This Five-Year Project and Will Consist of the Following Components

Identify and Monitor Indicators

Identify and monitor indicators at the county level and aggregated to the regional level and monitored annually starting in 2022 through 2027. Most of these indicators will be obtained from public and proprietary sources.

Develop Regional Dashboards

Develop regional dashboards that showcase impacts and/or trends over time. These dashboards may include macro indicators, survey results, and findings from other analyses.

Economic Impact Analysis

Conduct multi-regional project economic impact analysis of READI projects. These impact analyses may be aggregated at the state level accounting for spillovers.

Migration and Visitor’s Impact Analysis

Conduct some migration and visitor’s impact analysis by utilizing a proprietary tool.

Regional Surveys

Conduct regional surveys to document sense of belonging and community pride.

Difference-in-Difference Analysis

Conduct difference-in-difference analysis at one point in time.

Utilize REMI Software

Utilize REMI software to parse out impact of READI on different demographic groups in specific regions as well as capturing READI specific regional impacts. Due to cost and data limitations, up to 5 regions can be analyzed per year.

Governance and Network Analysis

Conduct governance and network analysis to understand the regional coalition’s evolution and impact.

Final Report and Storytelling

Final report and storytelling for all 17 regions (one story per region) and statewide in year 5.

Survey Access

Community Wellbeing Survey View Survey
Governance and Social Network Survey View Survey

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