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Digital Ready Businesses

Purdue Extension Community Development’s Digital Ready initiative advances the capacity of small businesses to strengthen their knowledge and application of broadband strategies. Through interactive workshops and online courses led by a statewide team of Purdue trainers, participants learn about the importance of the digital economy, how to incorporate digital strategies into the workplace and build technical knowledge.

Digital Ready Business modules were designed to increase the online presence of small businesses and entrepreneurs, resulting in expanded customer engagement and increased profitability. Through these basic to intermediate level modules, participants receive in-depth instruction on how to get a business online in order to better reach existing customers and gain new customers.

How have the Digital Ready Businesses workshops helped businesses grow? When we asked workshop participants that question, this is what they told us:


Increase in customer base


Increase in sales


Increase in customer engagement


Over 90% of entrepreneurs and businesses participating in the Digital Ready Businesses workshops stated their knowledge of online presence strategies increased after completing the modules and recommended the series to others.

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