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Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Learn all about the Purdue Center for Regional Development

To be a leader in innovative and adaptive partnerships empowering regions to find solutions for equitable, sustainable, and resilient development. The Purdue Center for Regional Development will collaborate with people to listen, identify, and enhance assets unique to their story resulting in prosperity and quality of life.

The Five Major Goals of the Center

Goal 1

Cultivate a wide range of partnerships to represent and empower the entire community.

Goal 2

Nurture regional and community alliances via applied research, innovative metrics, data analytics, visualizations, specialized assistance, and impact evaluation for strategic development.

Goal 3

Enhance PCRD’s identity through innovative, engaging, and influential communications and products while building on Purdue University’s established reputation.

Goal 4

Connect with Purdue University partners to build reciprocal relationships and leverage expertise to design real-world solutions for public good.

Goal 5

Pursue and apply new methods, tools, and techniques for regional development through research, peers, and community engagement.

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