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Oct 31, 2014Community Capitals Framework Writeup Oct 2014--Bo BeaulieuPDFDownload File
Oct 16, 2014Linking Industry and Occupation Clusters in Regional Economic Development--Christine Nolan
Ed Morrison
Indraneel Kumar
Sam Cordes
URLRead Article
Sep 25, 2014Universities as Anchors of Regional Innovation--Ed MorrisonPDFDownload File
Sep 25, 2014Strategic Doing with Engaged Universities--Ed MorrisonPDFDownload File
Sep 23, 2014Client Highlight - Mike the Graphics Guy--Blayr BarnardURLRead Article
Sep 16, 2014Client Highlight - garb2ART--Blayr BarnardURLRead Article
Sep 14, 2014Innovation Districts: Simple Guidelines to Make Them Real--Ed MorrisonURLRead Article
Sep 09, 2014Client Highlight - Old Capital Pizza King--Blayr BarnardURLRead Article
Aug 25, 2014Client Highlight - Columbus Canvas--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Aug 18, 2014Client Highlight - The Savory Swine--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Aug 12, 2014Featured Contributor - Ed Morrison--Ed MorrisonURLRead Article
Aug 11, 2014Client Highlight - Stuck on Hue--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Aug 04, 2014Client Highlight - Trinity Dry Cleaners--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jul 29, 2014Growth and Technological Leadership in U.S. Industries: A Spatial Econometric Analysis at the State Level, 1963-1997--NonePDFDownload File
Jul 28, 2014Client Highlight - Shooter's Bar & Grill and The Downtowner--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jul 21, 2014Client Highlight - Olde Iron Paint, LLC.--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jul 07, 2014Client Highlight - The Flatrock Flatbread Company--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jul 02, 2014Risk It Indiana 2015 - An Evening of Inventive Ideas--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jun 30, 2014Client Highlight - The Best of Floyd County Hometown Value Magazine--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jun 24, 2014Women and Minority Owned Businesses--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jun 24, 2014Keep Your Family a Family During Business Succession Planning--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jun 24, 2014Entrepreneurship Equals Failure--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jun 24, 2014Charitable Giving by Small Businesses--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jun 20, 2014Accelerating Civic Innovation Through Strategic Doing--Scott Hutcheson
Ed Morrison
URLRead Article
Jun 09, 2014Client Highlight - Mayasari Indonesian Grill--Blayr BarnardURLRead Article
May 27, 2014Client Highlight - Energy Delivery Solutions--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
May 19, 2014Client Highlight - Schroeder Dental--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
May 08, 2014Picking Out a Frame--Scott HutchesonURLRead Article
Apr 28, 2014Client Highlight - Bread and Breakfast--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Apr 23, 2014Entrepreneurs Under 40--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Apr 21, 2014Client Highlight - JCM Technology Solutions--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Apr 16, 2014Client Highlight - Spirit Explosion--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Apr 11, 2014It's Complicated--Scott HutchesonURLRead Article
Apr 09, 2014Client Highlight - Silica Ceramic Studio--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Apr 02, 2014Client Highlight - Associates in Counseling and Psychotherapy--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Mar 10, 2014Client Highlight - Madison Railroad--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Feb 17, 2014Client Highlight - All Kids Can--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Feb 10, 2014Client Highlight - Mauck Towing and Recovery--Blayr BarnardPDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2014Effective Strategy Making in Economic and Community Development--Scott HutchesonPDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2014Economic Development 2.0: Innovation-Based Revitalization Efforts--Scott HutchesonPDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2014Moneyball Economic Development--Scott HutchesonURLRead Article
Dec 03, 2013Strategic Doing: A New Discipline for Developing and Implementing Strategy within Loose Regional Networks--Ed MorrisonPDFDownload File
Oct 29, 2013Network-based Engagement for Universities - Leveraging the Power of Open Networks--Ed MorrisonPDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2012An Introduction to Strategic Doing for Community Development--Ed MorrisonPDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2012Transforming Regions Through Strategic DOING--Ed Morrison
Scott Hutcheson
PDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2010Spatial Analysis of Knowledge-based Occupation Clusters--Christine Nolan
Indraneel Kumar
PDFDownload File
Apr 01, 2009Local Decision Maker: Plan Your Future--Indraneel Kumar
Christine Nolan
PDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2009Local Decision Maker: A GIS-based Decision Support System--Indraneel Kumar
Christine Nolan
PDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2008Innovation Clusters: A Study of Patents and Citations--Indraneel KumarPDFDownload File
Jul 29, 2007Growth and Technological Leadership in U.S. Industries: A Spatial Econometric Analysis at the State Level, 1963-1997--NonePDFDownload File
Jun 09, 2006Locational Patterns of Industry Clusters in Indiana--Sam Cordes
Christine Nolan
Indraneel Kumar
PDFDownload File
Jan 01, 2006Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Business and Industry Cluster Analysis--Christine Nolan
Indraneel Kumar
PDFDownload File