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We Advance


To ensure we are up to date on the latest trends and information, we conduct research on an ongoing basis to advance our knowledge and capacity. We also strive to always partner by pursuing grants that align with our mission and goals and generate even more valuable information. In the end, advancing grants and research allows us to be ahead of the curve when it comes to an ever-changing socioeconomic landscape. Check out our involvement in some current grants and research efforts.

AI Workforce

Identify the skills and impact of AI in manufacturing and adoption barriers for businesses.

Rural Opportunity Zones

Support rural communities to leverage their opportunity zones to spur the development and expansion of businesses.

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Wabash Heartland Innovation Network

Collaborate with community and regional partners by providing assessment and monitoring of multiple

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USDA REDI Initiative

Enable rural communities or regions to create and implement economic development plans.

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EDA Economic Resilience

Explore the socioeconomic, transportation accessibility, and other factors contributing to the economic resilience (resistance and recovery) of the selected regions.

We Innovate


Because nowadays, information is very dynamic and our stakeholders’ needs continuously change, we are constantly innovating and developing a suite of data tools and visualizations to ensure timely and useful information is readily available. In other words, our mission is to not only provide data and trends but also innovate by extracting and conveying practical information. Here are some examples of the data analysis, tools, and visualizations we have developed to further our mission and goals.


  • Housing Studies
  • Industrial/Occupational
  • Clusters Analysis
  • State of Broadband
  • Workforce & Talent Analysis

We Pursue


We are all about engaging. It is one of our core values. For this reason, we have developed a series of programs and resources that allow us to pursue engagement with regions and communities. These resources, coupled with our data insights, allow us to engage in meaningful ways. Check out some of the engagement programs and resources we have developed.

Business Retention and Expansion

Build community capacity to support and grow local businesses.

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Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs)

Support small businesses through guidance from experts and access to a network of resources.

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Economic Gardening

Provide technical assistance in market research and search engine optimization to stage 2 companies.

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Regional Capacity Building

Strengthen knowledge, skills and engagement strategies to advance sound planning and actions by regional entities.

Workforce Development

Offer multiple Purdue-backed badges and certifications for digital skills and remote work.

Digital Inclusion

Help communities/regions develop digital inclusion plans and provide programs and resources to advance digital inclusion and community development.

EDA University Center

Enhance and support regional economic development in partnership with Ball State University.

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Have Data Needs?

Contact us to see how we can generate useful, beautiful, unique data tools just for you.

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