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Indiana’s Digital Equity Landscape

A Closer Look at Indiana’s Digital Equity: Mobile-Only

This is the fourth post of our “Indiana’s Digital Equity Landscape” series. The previous posts looked at paid home internet among different groups, reasons why survey respondents did not pay for home internet, and ownership/reliability of home internet and devices.…

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Why Are Indiana Residents Not Paying for Home Internet?

In our previous post, we talked about paying for home internet for the previous 12 months. This is a key variable when looking at digital equity for several reasons. First, data limits with home internet subscriptions are higher than cellular…

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A “Reverse” Digital Divide in Indiana?

The state of Indiana—like all other states and territories—is in the middle of a digital equity planning process. This plan is required for the state to access future capacity building digital equity funds, that are part of the Infrastructure Investment…

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