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Re-introducing the Broadband Quality Score (BQS)

The broadband landscape is very active nowadays. The federal Broadband Equity, Adoption, and Deployment (BEAD) and the Digital Equity programs are in full swing. This is in addition to the ongoing American Rescue Plan broadband infrastructure investments, additional federal programs…

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How Affordable Is Home Broadband Service?

Written by Roberto Gallardo and Benjamin St. Germain. Affordability of home internet service is among the top barriers to reduce the digital divide across the country and in Indiana. In fact, any project funded by the Broadband Equity, Adoption, and…

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3 Steps to Bring Better Broadband to Indiana

Your community needs your help! Recently, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a map showing broadband availability across the U.S. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will use this map to guide the distribution of funding for building broadband…

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When Are We Getting Broadband?

The current broadband funding landscape is crowded. It is easy to get lost among so many broadband programs, resources, etc. And while this blog post will not answer all questions and/or clarify these muddy waters, I hope it provides some…

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The State of the Digital Divide in the United States

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic shed a bright light on an issue that has been around for decades: the digital divide. As parents, children, and workers scrambled to learn, socialize, and work from home, adequate internet connectivity became critical. This analysis…

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Digital Distress: What is it?

Written by Roberto Gallardo and Benjamin St. Germain. In 2019 one of us wrote two Medium posts introducing a new metric related to digital inclusion called digital distress. Since then, we know of several organizations and communities that have used…

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