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Economic and Business Development

Workshops Explore Starting a Business at Age 50+

Who Starts a Business at Age 50+? You probably think most businesses are started by people in their twenties or thirties. That was true at one time, but not anymore. The number of businesses started by entrepreneurs between ages 55…

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Small Business and Employment in Indiana

Written by Indraneel Kumar, Andrey Zhalnin and Roberto Gallardo. As COVID-19 rates are climbing across the state and country, new restrictions have been put in place. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, these restrictions negatively impact small businesses,…

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Economic Gardening and COVID-19

The Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD) has been providing the Economic Gardening program to second-stage companies in Indiana for the past four years. In light of the challenging times facing many Indiana companies as a result of COVID-19, PCRD…

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A Deeper Look at Entrepreneurship Efficiency in the United States

Written by Roberto Gallardo and Indraneel Kumar. In our previous post, we introduced a new entrepreneurship metric—entrepreneurship efficiency or EE—that takes into consideration not only the share of entrepreneurs from workers but also the share of workers from total population…

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