Dr. Indraneel Kumar Promoted to Associate Director for Purdue Center for Regional Development

August 22, 2023

kumar promoted to associate director

Dr. Indraneel Kumar will be promoted to associate director for the Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD), effective September 1, 2023. He has also been with the center since its inception in 2005. Kumar is currently the principal regional planner at PCRD with a focus on regional demographics, economics and workforce analysis, identification of new sources of data, GIS databases, spatial analysis, and quantitative methods.

Kumar said, “PCRD remains an integral part of the Office of Engagement with no changes in objectives, mission, and priorities. As administrative responsibilities shift, we will continue to provide our stakeholders with the high-quality work they have come to expect from PCRD.”

Kumar’s promotion comes as a supportive role to Dr. Roberto Gallardo, who was named Purdue University’s vice president for engagement in July 2023. Gallardo will remain principal investigator of several major projects at PCRD. Gallardo also will still provide strategic oversight of PCRD.

Please join the PCRD team in congratulating Dr. Kumar on his promotion as we share thanks to Dr. Gallardo for his leadership over the last three years.

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