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The State of the Digital Divide in the United States

Introduction The COVID-19 pandemic shed a bright light on an issue that has been around for decades: the digital divide. As parents, children, and workers scrambled to learn, socialize, and work from home, adequate internet connectivity became critical. This analysis…

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The Evolution of Rural Indiana Stats

The Purdue Center for Regional Development (PCRD) continues to update its online data platform, Rural Indiana Stats (RIS). The pandemic of 2020 has caused several delays and RIS was unfortunately one of those things. Recently, PCRD has had the opportunity…

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storytelling with data
Can You Tell Me a Story? Storytelling With Data

Written by Roberto Gallardo. Today, data is everywhere. Public datasets are available through multiple sources and covering topics such as health, economic, industrial, demographic, and talent. Internal performance data is available to the organization’s gathering it. Program or project outputs…

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ROZI Showcase

Written by Melinda Grismer and Julie Rigrish. Did you know that OZ is more than just a wonderful wizard? In fact, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 allowed governors to nominate certain census tracts as Opportunity Zones. So,…

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PCRD Seeks Your Support on Purdue Day of Giving

Written by Jessica Wandless and Bo Beaulieu and Breanna Burbridge. PCRD will be participating in this year’s Purdue Day of Giving on Wednesday, April 27th for the first time ever! Your generous gift will help support and expand the innovative…

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Digital Distress: What is it?

Written by Roberto Gallardo and Benjamin St. Germain. In 2019 one of us wrote two Medium posts introducing a new metric related to digital inclusion called digital distress. Since then, we know of several organizations and communities that have used…

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